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TETRA is a foundational set of over 200 enterprise-ready building blocks that help reduce cost, risk, and time-to-market.

What if you could design and deploy new solutions at the speed of your ideas?

What if you could enhance and extend your current products and solutions in days or weeks, not months or years?

TETRA Components

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Visually-oriented design of workflows and services.

TETRA Studio is a visually-oriented design environment that enables Administrators, Designers, and Users to work collaboratively on workflows, services, data governance, and security across the enterprise.

TETRA Studio provides a graphical representation for orchestration of processes and web services at a very high level of abstraction.

Web Services

TETRA Services provides scalable web services with embedded TETRA Workflow capabilities. These stateless services support native web scaling with commonly used hardware, virtual machines, or cloud providers and are designed to wrap nearly any type of data process in a modern, discoverable service.

TETRA Services are callable from any application or programming language that can call web services in any of the standard industry formats including: SOAP, REST, JSON, OData, HTTP Protocol, and XML data transfer.

TETRA Services can publish endpoints that are easily integrated with nearly any app or presentation layer technology (.NET, Java, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, ColdFusion, JavaScript, etc.).

Data Privacy and Security.

Identity Management, Single Sign-On, Authorization (permissions), and Session Management.

TETRA Security Manager provides several independent security services for a wide variety of Authentication and Authorization requirements. Each service is flexibly designed to be extensible with a “security provider” model capable of federating many third-party security systems simultaneously, and then providing a mechanism to apply custom business rules appropriate to the situation.

Logs API, with Search & Audit.

Provides unified Logging across the enterprise, with content search, reporting, and analysis.

Utilize for enterprise-wide unification of error collection / reporting / alerting, key performance metrics collection / reporting / alerting, compliance validation, and much more across many diverse systems and applications running across a distributed enterprise.

Supports TETRA and non-TETRA sources alike.

High-performance in-memory database.

TETRA Snap delivers:

  • Lightning fast speed – benchmarked at over 100,000 transactions, per second
  • Intelligent caching algorithms ensure instant access to important information
  • Handling of diverse security contexts, simultaneously
  • Dynamic content support, no need to predefine data structures
  • Integrate with only a few lines of code to accelerate existing infrastructure, existing project code, and existing applications

Batch-oriented Workflow. Jobs.

TETRA Workflow provides Enterprise Shared Workflows across your organization, and is fully integrated with TETRA Services, TETRA Snap, and other TETRA products. Workflows are intuitively built with TETRA Studio using a blank canvas to drag & drop TETRA Apps into a workflow that runs on the desktop, on-premise servers, or the cloud.

Workflows can drive BPM (Business Process Management) operations, system-to-system integrations between data stores and APIs, expert rules for risk scoring, and much more.

TETRA Workflows can be applied to any domain or problem that requires data movement, transformation, enhancement, quality control, data append, algorithmic calculations, or communications with third-party APIs for backend systems integration.

Provides unlimited extensibility to TETRA Flow (Services & Workflow).

Hundreds of Apps are available to do anything imaginable with your data. Apps can be combined, rearranged, and published as web services to effectively provide unlimited combinations for federation, reporting, data quality, data enrichment, transformation, search, business process management, business intelligence, systems interoperability, risk metrics, legacy integration, legacy acceleration, and much more.

SDK component architecture enables new Apps to be easily created and added to the TETRA ecosystem without disruption.



TETRA is built with the cloud in mind and can run on all major cloud platforms, including: Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle, and private clouds. TETRA can also run on-premise, since it does not rely on resources that may be unique to any vendor’s cloud. This design empowers your organization with options. Easily mix & match various TETRA components between commercial cloud providers, private clouds, and local computing resources to achieve your ideal balance of resource allocation specific to the needs of your solution.


TETRA components are built to NSA-grade security standards to help protect data at rest and in transit. U.S. Government FIPS-compliant algorithms are used for authentication, encryption, and access-control at appropriate points in the architecture.


TETRA components include hundreds of data flow and connection apps providing your application with the ability to connect to virtually any type of database, file store, or other API-enabled system to process that data in virtually unlimited ways.


TETRA components include intuitive Windows Desktop Apps modeled on the Office 365 design pattern enabling you to deploy rich client applications for your users while managing data, storage, and compute resources in the cloud.